Are you planning to sell your house or apartment?

Our real estate agency provides all services from determining and recommending the real estate market price through legal services to processing and filing a real estate transfer tax return.

  • We provide professional assessment of the price of your property
  • We will collect all the necessary documents
  • We organize an advertising campaign for the object
  • We provide tours of the apartment

The main advantages of using our services include saving your time, energy and even your money. You absolutely have nothing to worry about with us! We will turn your property into an attractive purchase that everyone wants.

Are you buying a property?

The services that accompany the process of acquiring their own housing have their own subtleties and the main aspect of the transaction is its security. And that’s just one of the reasons why you should contact us.

  • We provide a brief verification of secondary housing in all available registers, to make sure that they have no load
  • We are reviewing the legality of the upcoming contract
  • We prepare all necessary documents for the conclusion of the contract and perform their subsequent registration with the authorities

We offer our customers many options that meet the highest requirements. Our database is constantly updated with new offers for sale of flats, houses, land, garages, offices, warehouses, universal spaces etc.

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  • From 5 199 324 CZK
  • Beds: 2+kk
  • 46
  • Apartments
  • From 4 818 540 CZK
  • Beds: 2+kk, 3+kk,
  • 42
  • Apartments
  • From 4 697 458 CZK
  • Beds: 2+kk, 3+kk, 4+kk
  • 52
  • Apartments
  • From 5 576 051 CZK
  • Beds: 2+kk, 3+kk, 4+kk, 5+kk
  • 84
  • Apartments
  • Od 5 784 930 CZK
  • Beds: 2+kk, 3+kk, 4+kk
  • 44
  • Apartments
  • From 2 541 000 CZK
  • Bed: 1+kk, 2+kk
  • Apartments
  • From 3 621 024 CZK
  • Bed: 1+kk, 2+kk, 2+1, 3+kk
  • 36 25
  • Apartments
  • Od 3 700 000 CZK
  • Bed: 1+kk, 2+kk, 3+kk
  • 80 20
  • Apartments

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