Looking for a property to rent?

Eventus Estate helps its customers solve problems such as renting apartments / rooms, offices and other commercial properties in Prague.

Highly qualified experts of our company are able to quickly select an object that meets all the basic requirements of the client and quickly find a potential tenant. The selection of offers is made individually according to all your requirements and wishes.

If you did not find what you need in our database, you can contact our specialists to help you choose the most appropriate option in the shortest possible time.

Do you have a free apartment and are you thinking about renting it?

Working with a real estate agency will bring you some benefits. Real estate agents will save you a lot of time, work, but also doubts whether it is a decent and paying tenant. A good real estate agency will do everything basically for you.

  • We take photos of the apartment and its inclusion in the offer
  • We will conduct a search with potential tenants
  • We will resolve legal requirements – lease agreement, transfer of energy to the tenant, etc.
    Once the realtor selects a suitable tenant to agree to, the realtor will create a lease. Also, the amount of rent will help you determine the real estate agent. But the final decision is up to you.

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  • From 5 199 324 CZK
  • Beds: 2+kk
  • 46
  • Apartments
  • From 4 818 540 CZK
  • Beds: 2+kk, 3+kk,
  • 42
  • Apartments
  • From 4 697 458 CZK
  • Beds: 2+kk, 3+kk, 4+kk
  • 52
  • Apartments
  • From 5 576 051 CZK
  • Beds: 2+kk, 3+kk, 4+kk, 5+kk
  • 84
  • Apartments
  • Od 5 784 930 CZK
  • Beds: 2+kk, 3+kk, 4+kk
  • 44
  • Apartments
  • From 2 541 000 CZK
  • Bed: 1+kk, 2+kk
  • Apartments
  • From 3 621 024 CZK
  • Bed: 1+kk, 2+kk, 2+1, 3+kk
  • 36 25
  • Apartments
  • Od 3 700 000 CZK
  • Bed: 1+kk, 2+kk, 3+kk
  • 80 20
  • Apartments

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